About Grypp

Make the World's Most Powerful Call

The leading edge SaaS video based remote customer sales & servicing platform, Grypp is a game changing cloud based customer sales and servicing platform designed to help you sell your products, services and ideas to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is a perfect showroom for products and concepts, designed to give your sales team the ability to demonstrate interactively all key features and benefits of their offering to their clients. The experience is collaborative allowing clients to fully engage. The interactions can be fully or partially recorded for compliance and you have full transactional capability to actually make sales and take deposits over the platform. Grypp is completely tailored to you and your products. This means it is completely fit for purpose. You don't adapt to it. It is built to adapt to you. With a large and growing bank of business templates - which are fully customisable - Grypp is anything but standard. The key here is that we are providing a way to get to far more clients, far quicker, in a fully engaging way, at a fraction of the cost. More sales, happier clients, lower costs. Increased sales AND better customer service. The system is equally effective for new prospecting activity and servicing an existing client bank.